What Our Students Are Saying

“My name is Ivan. I am currently a sophomore attending Skyline High school and I am very proud to have this opportunity to be part of this ceremony.First and foremost I would like to thank everyone specially Dr.lee and his wife and sponsors for giving this opportunity to have a successful life in my education path and be granted with extra help in math which helped me out in my classes I’ve improved so much ever since I been in this program. Intellichoice is a program to help students attend college by granting them with scholarships and teaching young students the skills and knowledge needed in the every day life which is math. I found out about this program because of Dr. Lee he told that math can help you out in many ways throughout life and make a huge impact in your life those words inspired me to succeed and push my self to keep learning more and more each day in order to pursue my dream carrier as an aerospace engineer that requires extensive mathematical knowledge. Don’t just give up because you think you can’t succeed you won’t succeed if you don’t try , there’s going to be rough paths throughout life but if you don’t try you won’t overcome them. Once again I would like to thank Dr. Lee and his wife and everyone who came out this ceremony which granted us students a chance to go to college and succeed in life. Thank you all and have good evening.”

 [From 2017 scholarship banquet]

Ivan O. 9th grade at Skyline High School

“My name is Hamere. Before I start, I will like to say special Thank You to my parents for taking me to this camp and special thanks to Dr. Choi and Dr. Lee for giving us an opportunity to learn. When I first went to SAT  Prep camp this summer, I just finished the 8 grade and was about to start high school with very little understanding about the SAT. Just like many students, I didn’t know what to expect from the test or how to prepare for it. But everyday for 4 weeks I practiced and practiced and by the end of the week I could tell my scores improved. In fact, after only 3 weeks, my scores improved by 360 points all thanks to the tutors at Intellichoice. They gave me SAT books to practice on, multiple websites I can use to study, and they never stopped believing that I can improve. By the time I took my PSAT in school this year, I realized how much this prep camp helped me and how important it is to encourage all high school students to come and take the SAT’s seriously. 3 years from now, when it’s time for me to take my real SAT’s, I know my scores will be amazing, all thanks to Intellichoice and their amazing prep camp.”

[From 2017 scholarship banquet]

Hamere A. 9th grade at North Garland High School

“My son has ADHD & it can be difficult for him to stay focused during school. He absolutely loves the tutoring program on Saturdays at the library. Most kids would love to be playing outside but he loves going to tutoring. His tutor makes drawings for him and it brings out the little artist and him. He went from a C in  math to now being able to be on the A/B Honor Roll. It has made such a significant difference in his grades and his wanting to do better and try harder. I am so thankful and grateful for this program I would recommend it to anyone especially those that can’t afford a private tutor. Our family is so grateful and thankful for your program and the opportunity.”

[written by Shelli Lozano, Kenan’s mom]

Kenan L. 5th grade at Lakeland Elementary School

“This is my second year being in Intellichoice and this is also my second year receiving the scholarship. If someone was to ask me right now what I want to be when I grow up, I would say lawyer because right now that’s what my heart is set to do. I have big dreams for my future I want to be a succseful person and if I want to be that successful person I’m picturing in my head I’m going to need to start now and I can start now by getting good grades, and with Intellichoice I have definitely seen results in my grades. Intellichoice is a really great tutoring program it really helps me in my school work, but not only that. At Intellichoice there are amazing tutors who are not only there for the school work but they are also there to help you for whatever you need. I learn something new every Tuesday because of them. They help me with my grades, maybe teachers I’m having problems with, or maybe even coming up with an idea to present a project. My point is Intellichoice is not only an amazing tutoring program but also a place to make new friends and learn new things but in a fun way.”

[From 2016 scholarship banquet]

Bethel T. 9th grade at Williams High School

“My name is Rafael and I have been going to Intellichoice for about 2 years now. I first found out about this free Math tutoring program when I was volunteering for the library and Mrs. Retina, the librarian who was supervising me gave me a task to help a professor by the name of Dr. Lee to tutor and help students to improve their math skills. Funny story is that he ended up making me one of his students and helping me out instead of the other way around, but the Dr. Lee isn’t the only one who has helped me. The Intellichoice volunteers have helped me out so much and now more than ever since I am trying to prepare for the SAT and I am very grateful for their services, and so far I have been passing all my high school classes and started thinking about what university to join and I have narrowed it down to a few, one of them is “SMU”, or maybe I’ll go to UT Dallas. Once I’m at the university I would like to study computer science, computer engineering, and computer programming, and then work for a video game company. If I get lucky, I will start my own company in the video game industry, and hopefully with Intellichoice’s help and my family I will be able to achieve that goal. I’m certain Intellichoice can work for everyone as long as they have the will and patience to learn, because you can have the most expensive books and private tutors to help you, but without the will to learn it will never click. Just remember Zig Ziglar saying If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.”

[From 2016 scholarship banquet]

Rafael R. 9th grade at Pegasus Charter High School

“I am originally from Eritrea,  but I was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. I moved here when I was 6 years old because of when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans.  I lost my grandfather because of the hurricane that hit my hometown, which was a really sad loss for me and my parents.

I’ve been in the Math Tutoring Program for the last 3 years. Ever since I started the math tutoring program my grades have increased greatly, and has helped me a lot and math has been my favorite subject. I like to read books. My favorite books are the Maximum Ride and Harry Potter series. 
This school year I entered the spelling bee, and I am very excited and hoping to win. I strive to get accepted into Princeton University for college and am planning to be a pediatrician when I graduate university. I would like to thank the Korean Beauty Supply Association for the scholarship. I am planning to use the scholarship money for my future education. I would never have gotten this opportunity without Dr. Lee, Mr. Johnny, Mr. Sekel, and Mrs. Sharon. Thank you!”

[From 2011 scholarship banquet]

Rebekea A. 8th grade at Rice Middle School

“My son, Isaiah had been struggling in math for a while, not able to pass a lot of the tests his math grade was suffering. A friend recommended I bring him to math tutoring on Tuesday evenings, we have been attending regularly for 2 years. Isaiah received an A in math this marking period, he is passing his tests and doing well. I thank Dr. lee and the tutors who help our children.”

[written by Meredith Dockery, Isaiah’s mom]

Isaiah D. 7th grade at Ford Middle School

“Ever since I was about 4 years old, I began attending the program at the Martin Luther King Jr. Library. This program helped me get better in math and made me get ahead of my classmates at school. Now that I am a senior at high school thus math tutoring program continues helping me with any questions on my calculus homework and I continue learning more math.”  

[From 2015 scholarship banquet]

Marlene R. 12th grade at Skyline High School

“The Vietnamese Civic Center (VCC) gives free tutoring – why wouldn’t you like that? Of course there are other places you can get tutoring, but aside from the huge expense, the tutors are nowhere near as talented as they are here at VCC. I am thankful to have an organization that offers tutoring and scholarships to students without further expense.”

[From 2014 scholarship banquet]

Feven K. 12th grade at Berkner High School

“For the past two years, I have been going to the VCC. Math was a weakness for me, but after going to the VCC it has become one of my favorite subjects. My grades have improved drastically. This math center has provided me with the tutoring I needed to excel in this subject. The more and more I attended tutoring sessions, the more knowledge I gained and applied in my school work.”

[From 2015 scholarship banquet]

Saba K. 12th grade at Berkner High School

What Our Volunteers Are Saying

“Besides school, I had an opportunity to teach mathematics to underprivileged children for free through a non-profit organization called IntelliChoice. During that time, one thing that was brought to my attention was the inequality of education in the United States. Upon realizing this, I became determined to help resolve this issue through the free math tutoring program. Every week I have found myself enjoying teaching and observing students build their mathematical knowledge. As I continue my commitment toward this cause, first as a volunteer, and later as a manager, my goal through this community service is to provide all students with equal access to education. I do appreciate Prof. Gil S. Lee and IntelliChoice providing me this valuable opportunity, and I thank all the volunteers who had worked with me.”

 [Written in September 2017 ]

* Bonhyun had been a volunteer at the Vietnamese Community Center (VCC Branch) from Sept. 2015 to May. 2017 while he was an undergraduate student at UT Dallas. He got admission into the University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign (UIUC) with full tuition scholarship and stipend. He is also a recipient of scholarship from Kwanjeong Education Foundation in Korea.

Bonhyun Ku Graduate Student at the University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign

Every weekend, I taught math to the children who came from parents that were considered minority. Most of students received better grades after attending the tutor program and it offered them to have strong impetus to study hard. I could encourage them to concentrate on what they should do and prepare for their future. Volunteering at the IntelliChoice is the perfect vehicle to discover something you are really good at and develop a new skill. It is never too late to learn new skills and no reason why you should stop adding to your knowledge just because you are in employment or have finished education. This experience helped me obtain a unique perspective that not many people could learn, and also opened my eyes to the importance of education and passion. Again, I really appreciate to work with Prof. Lee and it was an excellent opportunity and experience to expand my horizon.

[Written in May 2016 ]

* Jinhong Kim had been a volunteer at Skyline public library from Sept. 2013 to Feb. 2015 while he was an undergraduate student at UT Dallas. He got admission into the University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign.

Jinhong Kim Graduate student at the University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign

As a volunteer tutor, the most meaningful moment was when students told me they got better grades in math thanks to my help. I observed that they have strong passion in studying but they just could not do so due to a lack of educational opportunities. Their strong passion in studying made me look back on my childhood, which was full of science and engineering. Thanks to their great passion, I also regained my passion in learning and education. As a result, this experience made me study my major, electrical engineering, further and made me get admitted to Stanford University.

I highly recommend you to participate in Intellichoice as a student and a volunteer. This is because, if you participate as a student, you are taught by enthusiastic and well-educated volunteers. Therefore, if you have questions, you can resolve those right away by asking questions to volunteers. And, if you participate as a volunteer, you will feel rewarded teaching children who need help in math. Plus, you will get teaching experiences as well.

By working as a volunteer, I learned that donating money to society is not the only way to contribute to society. As a college student, I believed that I also could contribute to society by donating my ability in math. Therefore, I was fulfilled that I could teach math to students. Through this experience, I was able to regain my passion in learning and I also found the way I can contribute to society.

Finally, I really want to thank Prof. Lee and Intellichoice for giving me this wonderful experience.

[Written in May 2016 ]

* Dongmin Pak had been a volunteer at Martin Luther King Jr. public library from Jan. 2014 to Dec. 2015 while he was an undergraduate student at UT Dallas. He got admission into Stanford University with full tuition scholarship and room and board for his graduate study.

Dongmin Pak Graduate student at Stanford University